Why You Should Join an Axe Throwing League This Winter

Why You Should Join an Axe Throwing League This Winter

There are plenty of things you can do with your time this winter. You could write a book, you could build a car, or you could probably even learn another language. But you’re not going to do any of those things, because let’s face it: they pose such an enormous initial learning curve, and require tedious hours of work. 

Instead, why not do something fun with your winter? Something that learns you a new skill, gives you a bit of a workout, but is nevertheless fun and exciting. If you haven’t heard of axe throwing – the new sport that’s taking over cities across North America – consider yourself filled in. This exciting sport, once the domain of only lumberjacks and ancient warriors, is now in most cities, and you can join an axe throwing league in your city just as easily as you can crack open a book to learn another language. 

Why join an axe throwing league, though? That’s a good question, and in order to answer it, let’s take a look a few of the benefits this new (and admittedly still very cool) sport has to offer: 

Test Your Skills

The first and probably most obvious benefit to joining an axe throwing league is that you get to learn a new skill. When you sign up, the first thing you do is start learning proper axe throwing techniques, working with the seasoned axe throwers to hone your accuracy and power. It might not seem like a transferrable skill, but the coordination and motion you learn when axe throwing is useful elsewhere. 

Get A Workout

While it might not be tantamount to running a marathon, axe throwing still offers a great workout. After all, you are exercising your muscles and core continually. Further, it is exercise that you don’t even notice. It’s not like running on a treadmill, where you’re literally counting the seconds; the hours can fly by at axe throwing. 

Compete For Cash

Get good enough, and you can monetize the skill. As a still-growing sport, axe throwing still offers ample room for advancement to a professional level, provided that you put in the hours of dedication necessary to honing your skills. The National Axe Throwing Competition’s Wilson Cup has a prize purse of $7500, and expect that number to grow in the coming years. 

Look Awesome

A rarely mentioned, but always understood facet of axe throwing is how freaking cool it looks. It is a series of photo opportunities waiting to happen, and you don’t have to dress in the lumberjack garb, either. Just wielding a throwing axe is enough to make anyone look 100% more awesome. 

This winter, when you’re pressed to make the decision between spending another few months indoors, or going out and experiencing something new, give a thought to axe throwing. Few things combine fun, skill, exercise and awesomeness quite like this burgeoning sport. And plus, you might even make a bit of money on it!

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