Why We Must Teach Young People To Be Leaders

Why We Must Teach Young People To Be Leaders

Something which we, as a country, are not very good at is teaching our young men and women how to be leaders. We may teach them about the world of business, the sciences, language, humanities and a huge range of topics, but ensuring that we are teaching leadership skills is something which we should all be passionately behind. There are many great groups and organizations such as the NYLF who are helping young people to become leaders. Unfortunately however the National Youth Leadership Forum can only help so many people and we must ensure that we do more as parents and teachers, to help our young people when it comes to leadership skills, and here’s why.


Responsibility is a cornerstone of leadership and great leaders are able to give out, share and take on responsibility within their roles. When we are teaching young adults leadership skills it is not only to help them become leaders themselves, but the skills within leadership can be truly considered life skills. In terms of responsibility this is something that everyone needs to learn and it can help in many situations throughout life.

Decision Making

Great leaders make the right decisions at the right time and they have a foolproof strategy for how they carry out the decision making process. Making the right decisions is about understanding all possible outcomes, seeking advice, and the actual decision itself must be made. Many people have difficulties with decision making and it can cause many issues in life. We must teach our young men and women how to make decisions, right or wrong.

Team Work

A good leader must understand the dynamics of a team and they must also know how to both head up that team, as well as understanding how to play a different role within the team and how to hand off responsibility to someone else. The ability to work as part of a team is going to help a young adult in their social life, their private life and their work life and it is a key skill. No matter where someone goes in life the ability to work as part of a team is essential and we must teach our young adults this.

Communication Skills

Another cornerstone of leadership skills is communication the ability to convey a message or task with absolutely clarity and the ability to listen to others. I think we can all agree that this is a key skill for anyone in life and if we can help to teach the youth now about this, we can help to set them up for life. Communication skills are required in all jobs and in all walks of life. These skills are always best when they are learned early and that is yet another reason why we have to do more for our young adults when it comes to helping them learn leadership skills.

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