Top 5 Cannabis Strains for the Home Grower in Canada

Top 5 Cannabis Strains for the Home Grower in Canada

If you are thinking about dabbling into the world of home-grown cannabis within Canada, you are in for a treat. You will finally have the opportunity to smoke or consume the exact strain of your choosing and will have complete control over the entire grow process. Growing marijuana at home is a learning experience and can sometimes involve trial and error as you become more educated. You’ll learn as you go which strains you prefer as well as which strains produce the largest yield and the healthiest buds.

The recent legislation in Canada will now allow citizens of Ontario to grow four plants at home, but if you want to experiment with multiple strains it will be more beneficial to have a larger grow operation. If you are a medical user of cannabis, consider testing and sampling a wide variety of strains for medicinal purposes by obtaining your ACMPR license to legally grow. This will allow you a much higher plant count, meaning more strains to grow. New to growing and looking for some insight on which strains perform the best for home growers? Check out these top five cannabis strains to grow yourself.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue is popular throughout the home growing community, and not just for its pungent aroma. Sure it is flavorful, but the euphoric high it leave you with is the main draw of this world-renowned strain. It is especially ideal if you are working with a small grow space because these plants tend to be stout and bushy. GG4 is not known to be needy when it comes to nutrients, and you can often just let it do its things without worrying too much about nutrient deficiencies. The harvested buds are typically high in resin-content, making this strain ideal for hash productions and heavy concentrates.


Cinex is a top choice for home growers looking for a sativa-heavy strain with high THC counts, sometimes as much as 22%. It is a hybrid of Cinderella99 and Vortex and it gives its users a euphoric high while also increasing productivity. These plants tend to be bushy and yield extremely well and its strong genetics allow it to bounce back quickly from any problems that occur during the grow process.

Auto Lemon OG Haze

This strain is best for impatient growers who want to reap the benefits of their plants as soon as possible. From the seedling to flowering phase the plants can be ready to harvest in as little as two months, which is no time at all in the growing world.

Blue Dream

If you have purchased your cannabis from a dispensary, chances are you have seen jars of Blue Dream lining the shelves. It is one of the more popular strains for both users and growers, giving off a happy mellow high and can even relieve physical aches and pains. This strain stands strong against mildew and root rot problems, making it a top pick for growers.

Green Crack

If you are brand new to growing, highly consider trying out some Green Crack in your grow room. It is a sativa dominant strain that flowers quickly and stands strong. It gives off a strong citrus scent and leads to an uplifting high that increases overall energy. Unfortunately this strain is extremely difficult to find, so if you get your hands on it consider yourself lucky.

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