Tips on Executive Resume Writing

Tips on Executive Resume Writing

If you are looking for a job and firing out resumes left, right and center to no avail, it may be that your resume is simply not up to scratch. The sad truth is that there is likely to be very heavy competition for many positions which means that if your resume is not on point, it will be dismissed before they even get a chance to interview you. Executive resume writing is a unique skill which you must work on if you wish to overcome the difficulty of getting a job. This is the shop window into what you are like as a person and if you want to get to the interview stage you must make your resume stand out, and here are some tips on doing so.


If you are not blessed with good grammar you must get someone to proof read your resume and make corrections before you have sent it off. A resume with poor grammar or misspellings will be dismissed before they have even looked at the content, as they will see this as an indication of what you are like as a person. Get the grammar checked before you even think about sending the resume.


Try to think about the mood of the writing and make sure that you are being positive and forthright as often as possible. An example of this is when you are writing about your weaknesses, the word weakness has negative connotations so you need to put a more positive spin on this. In this instance for example you could refer to your weaknesses as lesser strengths or areas of development, these words paint the same picture but they do so in very different ways. The employer will react better to a more positive mood in your resume.

Don’t Lie

There is a huge number of people who think that they should embellish aspects of their education, their qualifications or their employee history but this will not help you to land the job that you want. In fact with so many employers now carrying out background checks, they will see through your act and then of course they will not give you the time of day. People lie to make up for skills which they do not lack, yet in the end they will be found out and fail to get the job based on a lack of integrity.


Don’t go back and forth during your resume, when you are writing about skills keep it at that, when you write about your employment history don’t mention any skills learned and when you talk about education, keep it brief and to the point. A resume says a lot about the person and if yours is disorganized it could suggest that you are too.

Spend lots of time on your resume, seek advice from friends and family and most importantly be honest. Invest the time on your resume and you may see a more positive reaction from employers.

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