The Most Stunning African Destinations For The Curious and Adventurous Traveler 

The Most Stunning African Destinations For The Curious and Adventurous Traveler 

Unknown to many, even to avid and frequent travelers, Africa is a great gem to be discovered. It’s such an extensive continent that its topography, landscape, culture and natural life vary drastically from region to region and country to country. Abundant and exotic wildlife, some of the world’s best beaches, impressive mountain ranges and breathtaking waterfalls are some of the great things that you can enjoy in Africa.

Africa is the place to go for travelers that are curious and want to satisfy their need for adventure. And this is the post to read to discover perfect destination ideas there! If you plan to rent a car to explore the continent, don’t forget to look for the most affordable car rental insurance policy first.

Botswana: Ideal for A Safari Holiday

If you’ve always wanted to experience an adventurous African Safari, then Botswana is the place to go. Bordered by Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, Botswana is home of the Okavango Delta, one of the most sought after wilderness spot in the world. Situated deep within the Kalahari Basin, get ready to experience lush vegetation, natural beauty and big game of course!

It offers an interesting array of accommodation facilities to suit every travelers’ budget: from luxury lodges to camping grounds and guesthouses. 

. The landscape in the Okavango Delta is simply stunning. There you can experience big game in traditional dug-out canoes! Yes! You’ll be eye-level with the game! Nothing says safari like being just a few feet away from a bathing zebra! Botswana is committed to protecting wildlife and it offers other places where adventurous travelers can head off for a safari such as Chobe National Park or the Central Kalahari Game Reserve!

Kenya: Ideal for Family Holidays

Located in East Africa, Kenya is filled with mountains, varied flora, abundant wildlife, exotic fauna and a stunning landscape. It’s probably one of the best destinations in Africa for family holidays. 

The islands of Malindi and Watamu will take your breath away with their mango and coconut plantations, pearly white sands, spectacular coral reefs and an interesting marine life. History lovers can’t miss the Gede Ruins in Watamu; they are definitely worth visiting. Travelers with a soft spot for nature can’t miss birdwatching in Lake Nakuru or enjoy looking at the wildlife at the Amboseli National Park close to the Mount Kilimanjaro. You may even see 50 elephants in a herd or the Big Five (lion, rhino, cape buffalo, leopard and elephant) on your first game drive!

Morocco: Exotic and Fascinating

Morocco is a fascinating destination that greatly satisfies the urges of curious travelers. With its medieval and majestic feel, it’s the main door to North African culture. Its impressive cities such as Tangier, Rabat, Fez and Marrakech invite you to dive into the rich Arab culture.

Morocco offers visitors interesting and varied experiences. From a camel trek in the Sahara Desert to sleeping under the stars, getting lost in any of its famous spice markets or learning about the lifestyle of the Berbers. 

The Djemaa el Fna is the largest market in Morocco and Africa and must visit for curious travelers. It’s especially interesting in the evening, when musicians, storytellers and dancers come out to show off their art.  

The edge of the High Atlas Mountains  is home of the city of Ait Benhaddou or Mud Brick City. It’s really nice to tour the mud buildings, explore the ancient Granary at the top of the hilltop city and tour the Mausoleum of Ben-Haddou. 

Sao Tomé and Principe: Perfect Beach Holidays for Couples and Friends

Despite being the second smallest African country, Sao Tomé and Principe cannot be missed. Ideal for couples or groups of friends looking for wonderful beach holidays. Its serene and beautiful beaches invite tourists to go fishing, diving and of course sunbathing! 

If you’re visiting the island between July and September, you’ll be blessed with the chance of whale watching especially at Lagoa Azul and Ilha das Cabras.

Ethiopia: Tailored For History Lovers

Ethiopia is an intriguing country that has made it into the news for its famines. However, theres is much more to it than bad news. It’s a country rich in ancient culture and archaeological findings. 

History lovers definitely need to include Ethiopia in their bucket list. Just the Gondar Castle or the eleven monolithic rock-cut churches in Lalibela are definitely worth seeing, especially Bet Giyorgis, which is shaped like a cross and carved entirely from rock.  

 If you’re more into nature, you’ll definitely enjoy Nechisar National Park and Simien Mountains National Park.

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