Scott Tominaga discusses why it can be good working in the back office of an investment house

Scott Tominaga discusses why it can be good working in the back office of an investment house

Scott Tominaga is a Chief Operating Officer in the investment world and he has lots of experience in the middle and back office areas. The back office is the area that ensures that all of the administrative work is done and that the sales made by the front of house staff are fully compliant with all of the rules and regulations that govern our financial world.

Back-office functions include settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting, and IT services.

  • If you have financial calibre and skills it is easy to stand out and showcase these in the back-office environment where there is not as much financial talent or desire as you see at the front of house. In this vein it is also easier to introduce new systems and processes that will add value and thus again this will get you noticed. If you have financial skills it can be easy to pinpoint how things can be streamlined and this can get you noticed by your boss and other managers around the business.

  • It is an environment where it is easy to Network and build your connections, the guys who work at the front office will need you and it is easy to build relationships with them when they require your assistance. They can then vouch for you in future job roles and undertakings and again this will get you noticed around the business.

  • Working in the back office means that, unlike those in the front line, when you pack up your desk for the weekend that is it, you do not need to think about work until you are back there. Others will most definitely need to take work home and work late at night quite often.

  • The roles generally pay well especially considering that the job can be left there when you have time off. It is the most valuable way to spend your time if you are deciding whether a financial career is suited to you.

  • It is a good gateway to other parts of the financial world and it gives you an insight into all of the different roles so that you can make an informed decision regarding where you might really like to work and hone your skills. Many who start working in the back office have an excellent career path and work all over the world.

  • Working in the back office of a company you have always admired will again let you know if this is the company for you and if this is where you want to stay and if you do you will have a much deeper understanding of how everything works, when you get promoted.

  • It may also get you noticed by some of the senior members of staff in the business. This means that they may but job suggestions forward for you and may want you to learn new skills so that they can use your talents to the company’s best advantage.


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