Michelle Marquez On Why She Loves The Law

Michelle Marquez On Why She Loves The Law

During my college days I studied law with my good friend Michelle Marquez and as much as I enjoyed learning about arbitration, the stock market and how to deal with fraud cases, it really wasn’t for me. As I went into journalism my friend kept on the legal path and she is now a very highly qualified legal mind who specializes in securities and financial law. I caught up with Michelle recently as part of a piece I was writing to find out why she loved her job so much, and what it is about the law that she has always had a soft spot for. If  you are interested in a career in law perhaps Michelle’s answers can further inspire you.


As soon as we start talking about the law and the group that Michelle works for she begins talking about the importance of law in a civilized society. In fact she also goes on to talk about how even in ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome, law was always something which was set in stone. The presence of law in these civilizations is what made them civilizations in the first place and therefore she is very respectful of the place which law has in society. Since she was a little girl she told me that she had a real passion for rules and laws, and this is something which has stayed with her throughout her life.


Whilst Michelle does concede that the law is not always correct, it has been used greatly in benefiting a huge number of citizens when it comes to their rights. Take for example human rights laws and equal rights laws, these are examples she tells me of when the law has been used for the greater good and as such it has helped society and culture move forward and modernize. Much of Michelle’s work is within civil rights and equal rights and these particular aspects of the law are the places where she enjoys working the most.


Michelle tells me that her most favorite part of the law is bringing someone guilty to justice. In her view this is the law working at its absolute best to protect its citizens and show the world that rules and laws must be abided by. Michelle gives the example of a con-artist who was swindling many elderly people out of their money, leaving them in near-destitution towards the end of their life, an unforgivable crime as she puts it. Michelle was working as a consultant for the prosecution on this case and she tells me that her finest moment in the courtroom was watching this man get sentenced and forced to pay back the money to the victims, plus damages. When the law is doing its job it is the greatest thing in the world she tells me.

If you love the law like Michelle, why not seek out a career in this field?

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