John Kang WebMD Contributor On The Using The Internet When Unwell

John Kang WebMD Contributor On The Using The Internet When Unwell

John Kang WebMD contributor and one of the finest medical minds that I know has been an inspiration for me for many years, and he continues to be someone that I respect a great deal. John Kang is someone who runs a highly ethical pricatcie and is one of the best surgical oncologists in the business. John Kang is actually far more than this and he is someone who has always embraced technology and for John Kang Liquidmetal is something that he is working very hard to get off the ground and bring to more hospitals around the country. I was lucky enough to meet John last month during a medical seminar which was being held near my hospital, and he was kind enough to take some time out to discuss the internet and technology in relation to modern medicine. One area which we discussed for quite some time was how people use the internet when they are unwell, and John had plenty to say on the do’s and don’ts of using the internet to understanding why you are feeling ill.

Don’t Diagnose

When you look at a site like WebMD when you are unwell the idea is to give yourself a general understanding of what might be going on, not to directly diagnose yourself. Many people do not understand anything about the human body which is why they often jump to all manner of crazy conclusions when they begin searching for their symptoms online. The evidence of this is that a set of simple symptoms such as a bad head, poor sleep and recurring nosebleeds, could indicate anything from a brain tumor to a concussion, both of which are of course poles apart from each other in their severity. Use these sites for information by all means but do not try and diagnose the problem.

Negative Mindset

Most of us will always focus on the negative and to use the example given above, in this situation most people would believe that they had a brain tumor, rather than simply having suffered a bump to the head. It is human nature to prepare for the worst and this is why we shouldn’t look to find out what is wrong with us using the internet. We are conditioned to protecting ourselves and we therefore opt for the worst case scenario in terms of the illness that we have, in most cases it is something very minor.


When you look online and see that you have the same symptoms that could indicate something is very wrong with you, it will only serve to make you anxious and stressed out, which could exasperate the problem. Whether your online diagnosis is wrong or not you will end up going to see the doctor one way or another so there is really no reason to stress yourself out unnecessarily.

If you are feeling unwell, go to a real doctor, not an online one.

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