How To Increase Project Management Effectiveness

How To Increase Project Management Effectiveness

There are always envisioned results that are in place in a business project. You need to be aware of what has to be done in order for those results to be achieved. Larger projects are often broken down into stages that are smaller and more manageable in order to guarantee effective project management.

Project managers, as mentioned by German Trujillo Manrique, have to be sure that aspirations are fully fulfilled, with customer satisfaction usually being the main end goal. Project outcome is vital but so is what journey is taken towards that outcome. Effective utilization of all available resources while balancing all involved risks is mandatory. This is why, if you want to increase project management effectiveness, you have to consider some factors.


The staff that needs to see a project through cannot guess the tasks they need to handle or how those tasks should be accomplished. The project manager has to be sure that the staff does what is needed while monitoring progress. This all revolves around communication.

Project managers have to be sure that they maintain regular, accurate and open communication channels with absolutely all stakeholders and project staff members. This guarantees smooth instruction flow.


How management and leadership are applied during project execution is all about project type and current life cycle. For a larger, more complex project, deliverables and goals tend to be constrained by market dynamics, budgets and time frames. Such projects usually involve a larger and more distributed project team that is made out of members coming from various disciplines. Then, implementation needs to be based on numerous phases. This can only work well when proper leadership is in place.

Leadership style has to be flexible, innovative and sharing so that project success can become reality. Motivation and team building are also needed.

Team Management

You need to be sure you build a really good team. Project managers are directly responsible for this. The team is going to dictate the success of a project. Team members need to have the appropriate attitude, one that can overcome difficulties in order to get closer to goals. In projects, there are numerous times when it is determination that leads to success. This is true even in the event that there is no real pressure that is in place.


Project managers need to be really good negotiators since there are many different steps during project development that involve negotiation. In order to be a really good negotiator, some things are needed:

  • Respect – You simply cannot be hot-headed and dismiss the opinions of your coworkers.
  • Being considerate – You need to be considerate and clear at all times.
  • Candor – it is really difficult to negotiate if you do not know absolutely all possible variables.

Personal Organization

While it is obvious that the project manager needs to be organized at work, if he/she is not the same in personal life, problems appear. Self-management is one’s ability to manage himself when relating to expected outcomes of the role. It is linked to organizing and planning. However, it also describes the natural ability to learn.


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