Here’s Why Ethics Are Vital In Public Speaking

Here’s Why Ethics Are Vital In Public Speaking

Public speaking always has a really simple goal: to gain a specific desired response from the listeners. In many situations this happens without taking into account ethics. This is not at all a good idea since it always leads to huge problems in the long run. Ethics questions appear whenever there is a debate about morality, fairness, honesty or justice of a specific topic.

Joey Langston, an experienced attorney and public speaker, highlights that questions surround us every single day. Ethics questions automatically become visible. They also appear whenever the public speaker faces the audience. When referring to the ideal world, public speakers are completely devoted to society’s well-being and are truthful. As history teaches us, speech is often being abused, sometimes leading to disastrous results.

There are some clear examples that can be highlighted when discussing the importance of ethics. Perhaps, nothing is as clear as Adolf Hitler. He was an incredibly persuasive public speaker. It was his oratory that made people follow him. However, his goals were horrifying and tactics used can only be described as being despicable. Nowadays, he is seen as an ultimate example of why ethical integrity needs to be present in public speaking.

Every single public speaker faces ethical issues while writing the speech or holding it. It does not matter if you speak in front of the judge or in front of a high school classroom. It is even needed when participating in religious services or business meetings. You may struggle with these issues when you speak in front of 2 people or when you hold a speech in front of thousands.

Ethical decisions are always guided by conscience, what you think is right or wrong and values. However, this does not mean that making ethical decisions is simple. The sound ethical decisions always involve weighting potential action courses against some standards or ethical guidelines. We know of various different guidelines that relate to ethics in different life areas. In a similar way, we have guidelines we should respect when dealing with public speaking ethical conduct. Such guidelines are not going to automatically solve ethical quandaries faced as speakers. However, knowing these will offer reliable compasses that help find a proper direction.

Gray areas can definitely appear with all ethical issues. However, this is not why you should avoid the ethical questions. When you are responsible as a public speaker it is impossible to escape ethical goal soundness.

The responsibility that you have as a public speaker is huge. You need to ask and answer questions. One of them is whether or not the goals you have are sound from an ethical point of view. Politics is filled with examples of questionable ethics. People do not really trust politicians and what they say. You surely do not want to be one of those individuals that are not trusted. This can be done when you are careful and when you always consider the ethics of every single decision you make. Be sure that you always remember this.

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