Girish Navani, The Master Motivator

Girish Navani, The Master Motivator

Before I launched my own business I used to work under the great Girish Navani, a highly successful businessman who I respect a great deal. Amongst the huge range of skills which he had that made him so successful in business, it was his motivational skills which I always admired most, and they greatly inspired me to be better at motivating people. When I first became a manager, this was a flaw of mine but after studying Girish Navani for a couple of years, I was able to learn from him and understand what it took to be a great motivator for my team. Here are some of the ways in which Girish Navani was able to get people going.


Girish Navani knew that not everyone reacts the same to a particular motivation technique so the first thing that he had to do was identify what kind of motivation a member of the team needed. He had of course worked on this over the years which meant that he could usually assess someone’s character type very quickly. I asked him once about identifying what kind of motivation a person needs and he told me that if I was ever in doubt, I should just use trial and error. Some people need to be incentivized, others need an arm around their shoulder and some simply need some strong direction in order to get the best out of them. Girish Navani always understand the importance of identifying the need.


The reason why the speeches which Girish Navani used to give us ahead of a busy day of sales worked was because we believed that he believed in what he was saying. Girish would never speak to us in a monotonous voice, churning out the same lines day after day, instead he would talk to us with passion and fervor, talking about just how important we were and how important our roles within the company were. Girish had this inclusive and passionate way of speaking which got everyone going and ensured that we delivered the best results that we possibly could. I have learned a great deal from Girish Navani and this was the one skill which I thank him for greatly and no matter how bad I am feeling, I will always speak to my team in the same way that Girish would speak to us.


Motivating someone is about far more than simply speaking to them in a particular way and Girish understood that perfectly. In fact, his main aim was to have a mutual respect between himself and the team because he understood that if they didn’t respect him, they were going to be highly unlikely to be motivated by anything that he said. This respect was gained by the way in which he treated the team, celebrating success, showing that they were valued and making sure that they had a listening ear when it was needed. If you want to be a great motivator your team must respect you.

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