eTargetMedia Reviews Answers to The Most Commonly Asked Email Marketing Questions

eTargetMedia Reviews Answers to The Most Commonly Asked Email Marketing Questions

Email marketing is something which completely transformed the fortunes of my small business here in Coconut Creek, Florida and it gave my business a much-needed boost during a downturn. I had never invested in marketing before but after reading the eTargetMedia reviews, an email marketing company based in Coconut Creek, Florida, I thought it would be worth a try. Over the last 4 years my business has gone from strength to strength as a result of this marketing strategy and I wanted to answer some of the most common FAQs about this digital marketing method.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

This is an interesting one and a question which I have seen asked very often, especially given the rise in social media campaigns. Social media may have arrived, but this has most certainly not killed off email marketing at all. In fact, there are currently 3.2 billion active email accounts around the world, in comparison there are just 750 million Facebook accounts and 300 million Twitter accounts.

Can it be Measured?

Not only can email marketing be measured with detailed metrics that the marketing software provides but email marketing is the most measurable marketing strategy that there is. We can see who has clicked on the email, who has clicked to go through to a website as well as tracking their behaviors on the site. These kinds of metrics are critical for the success of your campaign.

What is The ROI Like?

Ay small business like mine down here in Coconut Creek, Florida will need to make sure that any marketing investment they make will bring in a return and that is why email marketing is so efficient. The cost of email marketing is minimal, and the returns can be very profitable indeed. Recent data suggests that email marketing and social media marketing offer the greatest returns on investment of any digital marketing channel.

Can It Help My Brand?

We are very much living in a world where brand power is everything when it comes to attracting more customers and making more sales and so you will be pleased to know that email marketing can most certainly help with this. Even if a customer doesn’t engage with the email that they are sent, they will see your brand and they will see what your brand does, which further helps in the development of your brand and company image.

Are They Spam?

Spam emails are those which do not add any value to the customer and instead seek to bombard the recipient’s inbox. Email marketing is a strategic and personalized method by which you are able to present your company to the recipient and offer them value by way of promotional material and information about your company. With this in mind they are most certainly nit spam emails.

Hopefully this has answered your email marketing questions and I must say that if you are considering it, my advice would be to dive right in.

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