Eric Wetlaufer – How to Be a Great Boyfriend

Eric Wetlaufer – How to Be a Great Boyfriend

As much as we may all think that we are, not every guy is a great boyfriend to their partner and there is always something that we can learn. My good friend Eric Wetlaufer has been with his girlfriend for over 5 years now and even she admits that he is a great boyfriend. I met Eric with my buddy Frank last week back in Wesson and during our chat I asked him to share some tips on what he believes makes a good boyfriend, and here is what he said.

Putting First and Being First

The first thing that Eric talks about is how he will always put his girlfriend first, no matter what the situation is. Eric has managed to find a great balance between putting his partner first and still keeping friends like us close. I cannot tell you how many times Eric has declined an invitation to the pub with the boys or any other event, in favor of spending time with her. Something which Eric does very well however is that he also expects to be put first by her, which is something that she also does. They both keep great company yet understand when they need time together.


For Eric fidelity is something sacred which should be respected in order to create a healthy relationship. In fact Eric tells me that although he can appreciate attractive women, he is always respectful to his partner and would never dream of doing any more than looking. In many cases Eric tells me that he won’t even look if he is with his girlfriend at the time, as a mark of respect, and that she does exactly the same.


Eric and his girlfriend made a decision some years ago that they wouldn’t speak during the day unless it was for something important. The result of this is that they don’t send a text or an email through the day, choosing instead to sit down on an evening and talk about how their days went, face to face. So many people over-communicate and that can result in having little to say come the end of the day.

Finding Fun

Another decision which Eric and his partner made was that they would always try to keep the relationship fun, and that they would look for ways to inject fun when things get boring. The result of this is that he and his partner do all kinds of fun activities each weekend and are constantly looking for cool and exciting things to do. As Eric tells me, this keeps the relationship fresh and spontaneous, the perfect way to a successful relationship.

Whether you decide to court with girl or make it a full blown relationship, follow the tips that Eric shared and you will be able to have a very healthy and fun time together with your partner.

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