Dr. Victoria J Mondloch, Changing the Face of Women’s Health

Dr. Victoria J Mondloch, Changing the Face of Women’s Health

All over the world there are doctors and medical professionals who are changing the face of women’s health. ere in Waukesha, Wisconsin we have the outstanding Dr. Victoria J Mondloch who has committed her life’s work to this endeavor and she has found a large amount of success in doing so. For Victoria Mondloch this campaign started the minute that she left medical school and on each step of her journey throughout her career she has continued to push for wider awareness of women’s health issues and sought to improve them. In Waukesha, Wisconsin we have others who are fighting this fight but nobody has done more than the remarkable Victoria J Mondloch.


Victoria Mondloch was inspired to start this campaign because of a story of a local Waukesha, Wisconsin girl who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and sadly lost her life. Had this young woman been diagnosed earlier then it is highly likely that she could have been treated and lived for far longer than she did. This story greatly impacted Victoria Mondloch and this is why she is so committed to bringing about change.


Screening in the local community is vital for helping women to have themselves checked in the hope that if there is an underlying problem, that it can be caught early and then treated before it goes too far. These free screening centers pop up all over the state and this is down to doctor Mondloch. She is instrumental in making sure that these centers continue to get the funding that they need.


Something else which Victoria Mondloch is greatly passionate about is spreading the word about female health issues and she does so through lectures in the local university and through a regular column in the Medical Journal. My first encounter with Dr. Victoria J Mondloch was during my college years where she came in to give a passionate speech about the risks and dangers associated with breast cancer. Quite how she has time to do this when she already has a busy working life is beyond me and clearly demonstrates the passion which she has.

Work Life

Victoria Mondloch has committed her career to the improvement of women’s health and she is working on the front line everyday within her role in obstetrics and gynecology in the hospital. Beyond this she is also on the hospital board which means that she is well placed to help bring about real change within the hospital in terms of how it views women’s health on the whole. Through this position she is able to help allocate funds and she is instrumental in training young doctors who are coming through, especially those who wish to work in women’s health.

We need more people like Victoria J Mondloch if we are to put an end to a wide range of female health issues and hopefully she has already inspired the next generation, she has certainly inspired me.

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