Dean Toriumi Reviews How Many nose jobs are Too many?

Dean Toriumi Reviews How Many nose jobs are Too many?

Dean Toriumi reviews when further reconstructive surgery should be done and when it should be left alone. How many famous people do we see on television or other media and think oh no they have definitely gone too far. How do we know when to draw the line? Well here is some expert advice as to when and when not to call it a day on plastic surgery especially rhinoplasty which is affectionately known as a nose job, the medical term being rhinoplasty.

When it comes to a nose job the answer varies from person to person. It is based upon how the nose currently looks and whether there are any health reasons as to why the work should be redone. The following is a list of considerations depending upon which category for reconstructive surgery that you fall into.

You can not avoid the fact that every reconstructive surgery that you have becomes riskier each time. Rhinoplasty is considered serious surgery due to the importance and fragility of the nose and also because the risk of complications is an issue, particularly if this is not the first time you have had rhinoplasty. Each time you have this surgery the shape of the cartilage inside the nose will change and scar tissue will form. It can be very difficult for a surgeon to operate on a nose when it has undergone many changes before. There is no concrete structure for the surgeon to work on which can be very dangerous.

Times when reconstructive surgery is beneficial are when previous rhinoplasty focussed on how the nose would look and jeopardised its functionality. If the individual as a consequence of this has difficulty breathing through the nose, then the surgeon must decide whether this can be reconstructed or whether things have already gone too far for this to be a benefit to the individual.

A good surgeon will also take account of how the patient is feeling, how unhappy they are with the work that they have had done and they will compare this to customers who they are sure will never be happy and will always be coming back for more which isn’t a good thing. All of this will enable the surgeon to make reviews of the situation and decide whether further reconstructive surgery is a good or bad idea for this patient. The client needs to be realistic about what a surgeon can do for them and they must be emotionally capable of dealing with the whole process. Taking on a patient who isn’t in this position is very likely to cause problems.

The surgeon will also think about how far the surgery has developed since your original rhinoplasty and will consider whether this will make a difference to you.

So the surgeon will assess the functionality and look of the current nose, your mental state and attitude towards the surgery and they will decide on a whole whether they believe further reconstructive rhinoplasty to be a good idea for your physical and mental wellbeing.

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