Common Business Growth Strategies You Might Want To Use

Common Business Growth Strategies You Might Want To Use

Various business growth strategies need to be considered as you think about what you will do in the future. Business owners have to make really important choices as they try to improve the results of their organizations. With this in mind, any strategy that can be mentioned should be analyzed. Louis Hernandez Jr showcases some of his preferred business growth strategies that tend to work in most cases.

More Of The Same

Out of all business growth strategies, this is the one that tends to be really popular. The idea is really simple: do what you already do but do more of it. The approach is valid especially when the market or the business is young.

One important thing to consider here is if there is room available to do the same things. When the business offers services, is the staff you have right now able to handle more? If not, more employees are needed so the choice needs to be taken with care.

There are cases in which the market is really close to saturation level. This means that when you want to sell more, business growth will be limited or will simply not happen. If this is the case, you need to move towards other markets with the exact same service or product. For instance, if you offer management software for dental clinics, see if the same software can be used in another industry, like for cosmetic surgery clinics.

Higher Prices

When you raise service or product prices, growth can happen. This is an approach that has to be carefully implemented, with results being always monitored. Generally, you get higher per sale profit as you raise prices. However, it is also possible that you get more sales when you do this. A situation when this happens is when the low price of the product is seen as a sign of low quality by the consumer. In such a situation, you end up with more customers simply because price is similar to what they are willing to spend. Perceived value should never be underestimated.


This is a completely valid and smart growth strategy. The idea is to add more services or products to the business portfolio. Based on the individual business plan, services or products could be related to what is already being sold. Alternatively, a brand new branch of the business can be developed.

When looking at diversification as a valid business growth strategy, the big benefit is that market downturns will not impact the organization as much as it could when not diversifying. This is because products and services are spread over more people, a much wider base. At the same time, it is much easier to take advantage of the customers that already exist since they are much more inclined to buy new products from your business as you start offering them.


These 3 business growth strategies are very common and most organizations will end up using them at one point or another. While many others can be used, never underestimate the efficiency of those that were proven to be effective, as those above.

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