CBD Oil For Pets, What Benefits You Can Expect

CBD Oil For Pets, What Benefits You Can Expect

You may have heard about the great benefits which CBD oils can have on humans but were you aware of the power that this pool can also have on pets? If not then you should know that there are a huge array of health benefits which you can expect when you give your pets CBD oil. Many people get confused with CBD oil, thinking that they are somehow going get their pets high or some other such myth, but this is not true. The CBD oil does come from the cannabis plant but it is one of 113 different cannabinoids which can be extracted, only one of those 113, which is THC, can get anyone or anything ‘high’.

This cannabinoid is most certainly potent but instead of helping the pets to enjoy themselves, it cures illnesses and disease. If you aren’t sure about CBD oil for pets, check out exactly what it can do for them.

Reduction in Anxiety

CBD oil is a brilliant medication to treat anxiety and this is something which many dog owners use with regularity. Dogs can often suffer from anxiety as a result of noises or because of separation anxiety and it can be tough on the owner and very stressful for the dog. With just a couple of doses of CBD oil however our dogs can relax once again regardless of whether they are alone or whatever is going on outside.


For many years cancer in pets was a death sentence but this is no longer the way. We not only have some excellent treatments out there such as chemotherapy which can help our pets, but CBD can also be used. CBD oil has been proven to reduce cancer cell growth, boost the immune system of our animals and even reduce the size of tumors. Much work is still being done which is looking to harness this oil for even more cures and treatments, but it is already showing very promising signs when it comes to battling cancer.


More than 5% of dogs ad 8% of cats suffer from epilepsy and as any owner will tell you, the seizures are truly awful to watch, especially given that there is nothing which you can do. Recent tests however have shown that in the majority of cases the cats and dogs that have been given CBD oil, have reduced their seizures by 100%. That means that with a small amount of this magical oil, your pet could be seizure free.

The oil has a huge range of benefits beyond this list, it can induce appetite it can help with pain relief, the oil also helps to reduce inflammation in the joints of your cat or dog too. The oil is incredibly safe for dogs and cats, it is good for their hearts and it can even help with cognitive function. There are so many benefits to this oil and we are bound to see more in the coming months and years.

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