7 Upcoming Destinations for Digital Nomads

7 Upcoming Destinations for Digital Nomads

What are digital nomads looking for? Apart from independence and freedom to suit their dynamic lifestyle, they are looking for unique experiences, great locations with a friendly environment. With laptop in hand and camera on the shoulder (https://thevisavis.com/nikon-d7200-vs-d7500/), the digital nomads seek top destinations and locations where they can work in peace and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with all the latest amenities. They are forever looking for the biggest hotspots as they discover new destinations that pamper them with their remote work lifestyle.

What do the digital nomads look for?

The digital nomads look for locations and cities that offer them the complete facilities and the experience they are looking for. They prefer to work remotely and live in an expat lifestyle. What they favor includes the affordable cost of living, high-speed and reliable internet and meeting other digital nomads. Added advantages for the great destination include consistent weather, convenience, laidback culture, safety and so much more. What makes the hotspot perfect for nomads are a lot of activities and places to hang out. These are some aspects that determine the best cities that are just perfect for the digital nomads.

 Here are some of the top upcoming destinations for digital nomads.

  1. Cape Town in Africa
    The Design Capital of the World, Cape Town is an excellent place for the digital nomads. You feel at home with your laptop and enjoy the fusion of sea and sky as you find an excellent place to kick back and work as well. Soak in the salty ocean air.
  2. Sergio Sala in Mexico
    The Mexico city is fast becoming a magnet for the digital nomads. It is hard to resist the fantastic beach and those authentic tacos along with some great workplaces. The city is affordable, and one can live anywhere and work.
  3. Tarifa in Spain
    The charming little town is incredible for holidaymakers as well as digital nomads. It is famous for its kite surfers and very walkable. Digital nomads usually prefer smaller cities and Tarifajust seem perfect for them.
  4. Thessaloniki in Greece
    Thessaloniki, beautiful hilly city has a history that goes back thousands of years. The excellent beaches of Chalkidiki peninsula are indeed a big lure, and the city offers excellent spaces for co-working as well.
  5. St. Petersburg in Russia
    St. Petersburg with close ties to Europe, offers one the opportunity to work European kind of facilities. The digital nomads can live here for longer periods because of the affordable lifestyle and lower costs. There are plenty of cozy cafes with free internet everywhere. Admire the rich history, unique culture and the extraordinary architecture as you work.
  6. Azores islands in Portugal
    Azores islands in Portugal are the most remarkable islands which are world famous for unparalleled beauty. It has become a popular hotspot for adventurers as well as digital nomads all over the world.
  7. Tokyo in Japan
    Tokyo is an incredibly polite and friendly place. It is a well-organized country where everything is well-run. One is surrounded the beautiful scenery, and there are lots of cozy cafes equipped with wi-fi and comfortable atmosphere.


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