3 New Smartphones with Portrait Mode Photography

3 New Smartphones with Portrait Mode Photography

A couple of decades ago, nobody could have thought that the phone could be used as a camera too! However, thanks to the fast-paced technologies and soaring expectations of the consumers, today we have the best smartphones out there vying with each other to be recognized as the phone with the best camera too. Now, it is not just the best camera specifications, but the customer looks for the phone which can deliver the best results for portrait mode photography.

If you are wondering what portrait mode is, well, in simple words, the portrait mode in the phone ensures that the focus is only on the person who is getting clicked. Have you observed pictures of people on Instagram? If you look closely, you will notice that the background and surroundings are all blurred and it is just the person that stands out clearly. The portrait mode photography adds a whole new aspect of aesthetics altogether.

With so many phones out there claiming to have the best results for portrait mode photography, it sure can be confusing for one to look for the best options or the new smartphones with portrait mode photography feature. As a customer, one would, of course, look for enough RAM, powerful processors and the best high-resolution screens. Read on to learn about the three new smartphones with best portrait mode and would fall well within your budget too!

  • The iPhone X – iPhone X separates itself from the rest consistently giving quality shots every time. The phone performs flawlessly, and one need not worry about the lack of light. Take sharp images while creating a gorgeously blurred background and one can add that captivating lighting effect. The smart software tweaks and the dual lens system in the iPhone add to the benefits.  You will love the colors and the details.
  • Pixel 2XL  The photos shot by the Pixel 2XL are indeed hailed as the best, but its colors aren’t as rich as iPhone 8 Plus. However, you can get the best pictures with the phone and can even make out the raindrops on the petals of a flower. The device is able to achieve a correct depth of field, and the quality of the final photograph is excellent.
  • iPhone 8 Plus – You will always get vibrant colors and sharp details that make the phone of the best for portraits. Thanks to the addition of Flash and better performance in low light, you can still get a great shot. With the background blur, digital lighting options and enhanced depth of field, the results are stunning.  Go ahead and experiment with a bright Stage Light and use the brightness slider to lighten or darken a scene artificially.

Portrait Mode is an excellent way to capture photographs. However, as the technical aspect can vary from smartphone to smartphone, just test out the results with different phones to pick the one which suits your budget and preferences. The above three smartphones picks are certainly among the best when to comes to Portrait Mode Photography.

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